Process & Procedures

So, you want to work with Aaron? Guess what…he wants to work with you!

You’re sitting at the dinner table with your spouse and you guys are discussing what needs to be done around the house but you just can’t find the time to do it. One of you says “We should hire a handyman”, you do some research and you come across my website. You agree that what you see works for you and you decide to contact me. Texting works best because I automatically get it. All of my contact info can be found here.

You send a text will your name and the type of work you are looking to have completed. I reply with a “Hello” and we chit chat for a bit about what you need. We then settle on a date and time that works best for each of us for me to come to your house and do an estimate. I like to do an estimate for all my work because it gives me the opportunity to #1. meet you face to face and #2. so I know what the job entails, what obstacles may be in place and so I can get a solid grasp on the materials that may be needed.

A question I am always asked is “Do you know how much this is going to cost?” For me, that is a tough question to answer. There are so many things that I quote out that its tough for me to say. Sitting down and doing the estimate is when that info is figured out. Smaller projects and the majority of my work are quoted by the hour. Larger projects are quoted by the day. Some projects and separate line items are quoted out per square foot or linear foot. I quote out of QuickBooks and all of my quoting information is stored in there.

One important thing…if you have a budget in mind for the particular project you are having me look at…tell me what that budget is. I will take note of it and do my best to stay within that budget. If your budgeted number isn’t working within the scope of the project I will contact you and discuss options. I am always willing to work with a client to get them to their end result.

It takes me 2 weeks to get out an estimate. More involved estimates may take 3-4 weeks. It all depends on the size and intricacy of the job you are having me quote out for you.

During the estimate I have collected your contact info including email address. Once the estimate is complete I will send you an email that will contain a lot of information. Here is a sample of the email you will receive from me for your estimate:

Hi New Client, 
Attached you will find the estimate for the _ work we discussed. Also attached are the Proposal and Notice of Cancellation. Please review all three documents and if there are any questions feel free to contact me.
The Proposal contains the payment breakdown and the legal information upon moving forward with Aaron Whomsley, LLC. Once the Proposal is signed it officially becomes a contract.
The Notice of Cancellation is a document that the Client must fill out if they are canceling the job proposed and invoiced by Aaron Whomsley, LLC. This is only to be filled out if the Proposal has been signed, a deposit has been received and/or material purchased by Aaron Whomsley, LLC. This document is to protect you, the Client. The State of Pennsylvania requires all licensed contractors to supply their Client’s with this protection.
I tentatively have you in my schedule on June XX, XXXX. If you would like to move forward review the attached proposal and follow the directions stated in the document.
For scheduling purposes please reply, either way, by Friday, June XX, XXXX.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
In the email it mentions an attached estimate, proposal and notice of cancellation. These are the three documents that I send with the initial estimate email. The description for each is located in the body of the email. A example of each so you can see what you will be receiving is located below:
Upon reviewing the estimate and the proposal you decide to move forward with the work you will need to follow the directions stated in the proposal. In order to move forward with any work I need a signed proposal and deposit for your specific job. Once the proposal and deposit are received we are ready to move forward with the work. The tentative date I sent in the email and proposal becomes a reality. If this date does not work for your schedule we settle on one that does. After the job is complete I am happy to call you one of my clients. There is a lot of information here. I hope this helps in explaining the steps involved in working with Aaron Whomsley, LLC.
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