Updates concerning Aaron and his family. The newest will be posted first. Check back here periodically to see what’s going on.


On Tuesday, January 31st, my wife Stacey will be having a prophylactic double mastectomy with reconstruction. She will be in the hospital for approximately 5 days and then home for a 2 month recovery.

This was not an easy decision for her, but it’s a decision 20 years in the making and we are grateful she is doing everything she can to stay healthy in the future. For those who know, Stacey’s mom has battled breast cancer multiple times. Once in 1997, again in 2005, and today she is bravely surviving with metastatic breast cancer.

Due to her mom’s (and extended family) history Stacey went through genetic testing this fall and learned she is a carrier of the BRCA2 defect for Breast & Ovarian Cancer. Similar to the BRCA1 defect made famous by Angelina Jolie & Christina Applegate, the BRCA2 defect means Stacey is at a significantly elevated risk of breast & ovarian cancer (among others).

While long term aggressive monitoring is an option, she knows from family history that a mastectomy is her best bet at a long & healthy life. Statistics favor patients who do this before 40, so while she is still (relatively) young and cancer-free now is the right time to do this.

2016 has brought us more challenges than we expected with the return of her mom’s cancer, her father’s accident in September and then her own results a few weeks later…but we have been blown away by the amount of love & support from our friends, family, and friends who have become family. These past 12 months have shown us how lucky we are and so we face 2017 and Stacey’s surgery with hope, love, and peace.

We have had so many offers of help, we don’t even know where to start! So we will be using the Calendar section of this site here to let people sign up for what works for them. Whether its a meal or to distract the boys for a few hours…if you are willing, ready, and able…we will take the help!

On the day of surgery (January 31st) Aaron will do his best to provide some brief updates via Facebook and this site. And once Stacey is feeling better she will add her own updates as she continues this journey.

If you would like to get a hold of Aaron he has found that texting to 484-364-9363 is the easiest and fastest way to communicate. Aaron’s email doesn’t get checked as often as it should during this very busy and hectic time for his family.

With caring for his family full time during the next three months Aaron will not be available to perform any work during that time. His next available weekend that he can work is April 8 and 9, 2017. He will be available to speak to existing or new clients wanting to set up for work after the first weekend in April.

We can’t possibly say this enough…but thank you. From the bottom of our hearts ❤

Stacey & Aaron Whomsley